About BAO Foot Spa

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills & Santa Monica, BAO Foot Spa is a high-end boutique Chinese foot spa that offers you first class luxury services at an affordable price.

BAO Foot Spa was founded in 2010 and since then has set the bar in costumer service in the industry. What makes BAO Foot Spa different from other foot spas is the atmosphere we have created to take you away from the day to day life and give you an experience you will never forget.

BAO specializes in foot reflexology & body massage. Using the ancient Chinese art of reflexology, our services will increase blood flow and rejuvenate the nerves all over your body.

For more about BAO Foot Spa read the following article from Souther California Homes:

An emphasis is placed on the customer experience at BAO Foot Spa, something Zarifian found wasn't always up to par at the spas he'd experienced while researching his business. His spas present the most relaxing of atmospheres, complete with scented candles, trickling water and relaxing music. Clients are asked to turn their phones to silent, and there is little to no vocal interaction between the therapist and the client. Silence is golden. Read more