How to Find Time for a Soothing & Relaxing Massage

It’s something of an irony when you think about it.

Back in the post-war era, many people could only dream of the free time and devices we enjoy today. From dishwashersto microwaves, on-demand TV, andelectric lawn mowers we have more gadgets than ever which should be creating a utopia of minimal work.

Sadly, the reality is somewhat different.

Not only are many of us working more extendedhours than ever before, but these days it is normal for both partners to be involved in work for much of the week just to pay for the lifestyle we desire.

It seems we’ve come full circle, with more time-saving devices than ever before – yet less time than we’ve ever had.

 What went wrong?

These days very little of our week is devoted to “free time” – even weekends can be a blur of activity from getting the car fixedto takethe kids out, to doing the grocery shopping. 

When does it ever stop?

The answer, of course, is that it stops when we make it.

And that’s what this all about. If you feel that your life is getting faster and busier all the timeand that you’re struggling to wrestle a little “me time” each week then what can be done?

How can you “find” the time to enjoy a massage– or indeed any other pleasurable leisure pursuit?

Be Conscious of Your Goals

The first factor when trying to find the time for a regular massage is being conscious of your goals.

Too often we just“sleepwalk” through life, reacting to one situation after another but never truly taking control. Before you know it another week has gone past in a blur and you’ve failed to take some quality “me time.”

The first step then is to sit down and focus on what matters to your quality of life. What is important? Just as importantly, what factors have the opposite effect

Only by staying focused on your goals will you manage to achieve them.

Set Your Priorities

Over the years I have struggled to achieve my goals time and again. Two perfect examples are getting my finances in order and getting into shape.

 In both scenarios,I spent years literally with these two goals in mind – but without making any progress.


Quite simply they weren’t a priority at the time.

What I found in both situations was also that making these goals a priority suddenly helped me to make strides towards them.

I’m far from alone in this. 

The internet abounds with debt repayment stories where people sank deeper and deeper into debt, always wanting to become debt free but never succeeding.

The day they drew a line in the sand and made paying off their debt or eating right or going to the gym their number one priority they immediately started to make progress.

If you want to set aside some quality “me time” for a massage,then it’s essential to make it a priority. Write it down, focus on it and slowly it’ll turn into a habit.

Set Blocks of Time

Time – the one thing we all long for more of – yet which we all struggle with.

If you want a little “me time,”then decide on a time and a day (every Friday evening after the kids have gone to bed, for example) and then focus on it.

Refuse to let anything else take priority. Just for that one-hour period turn off your phone, ignore the washing up and turn off the TV. That’s your time – don’t let anyone else mess with it.

Minimize and Prioritize

You’re busy, we all are.

But what are you going to do moving forward, so you can attend massage sessions? One suggestion is to “minimize” all the other things that you do tofind some time for a massage.

Consider tracking your time each week (or keeping a journal) so that you can see just how your time is being spent. Also consider which of these elements are indeedessential, and which ones are not.

Which ones do you like the least?

While it may feel odd at first, consider if you could eliminate any of these factors from your life. After all, all you need to do is get rid of an hour or two a week, andyou can enjoy your massage sessionwithout guilt or worry.

Find Right Solution

Lastly regardingthose elements in your life that cannot be removed, for example, consider if there are solutions. For instance,if much of your time is taken up with childcare, could you share this responsibility with a friend?

Perhaps you could pick up your kids and someone else one evening, have a play date and then take them home.

Another evening the other parent could return the favor – saving you lots of time to relax.

Rather than driving to the supermarket to buy groceries, could you order online and save yourself time?


Finding time for a massage each week can be problematic for many of withintoday’s increasingly busy world. However,there are solutions when you put your mind to it.

By being mindful of how you’re spending your time, and then ruthlessly prioritizing even the busiest of us should be able to find at least a few hours each week for some quality “me time.”

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