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Located In The Heart Of Beverly Hills & Santa Monica, BAO Foot Spa Is A High-End Chinese Foot Spa That Offers You First Class Service At An Affordable Price.



BAO specializes in foot reflexology & body massage. Using the ancient Chinese art of reflexology, our treatments would increase blood flow and rejuvenate the nerves all over your body. Founded in 2010, BAO Foot Spa brought the ancient Chinese art of reflexology to Beverly Hills and set the bar in excellency in service and costumer service. What makes BAO Foot Spa different from other spas is the atmosphere we have created to take you away from the day to day life and give you an experience you will never forget.

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Hours: 10am–10pm


1225 Wilshire Blvd.

Santa Monica, CA, 90403

Free Parking In The Rear



Hours: 10am–10pm


156 S. Beverly Dr.

Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

2 Hours Free Parking at:

216 S. Beverly Drive


Relaxation Is The Best Gift of All



We have made Purchasing Gift Certificates online customizable to give you more options: 

1) You can choose an amount or a service.

2) Choose to print it at home or email it directly to the recipient.

3) Do so at the time of purchase or at a later date.



You LOVE massages and you don't care who knows it!

You have come to the right place! 

Pre-Purchase Your Treatments And Save


Please arrive and check in with the host at least five (5) minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a full massage session. Failure to do so may result in a shorter session or cancellation of your appointment however you will be charged for the full price of the scheduled service. Gift certificates and completed punch carts must be presented at the beginning of the session. BAO Foot Spa is not responsible for overlooked services. For your benefit we ask our costumers not to bring kids younger than the age of 12 in the spa and to turn off their cell phones while getting a treatment or waiting in the reception area.

Group Appointment Policy

Celebrate a birthday, host a shower, treat your employees to a wellness day or just get together with a few good friends. Nothing will make your guests feel as special and pampered as a party at BAO Foot Spa. Choose one of our Group Event Packages and have a celebration that will exceed your expectations. We can accommodate a group of up to six. Throw a bash that no one will ever forget at the luxurious BAO Foot Spa.

A credit card is required to book group appointments exceeding three (3) guests. You may cancel or modify your appointment without charge 24 hours before your appointment. Cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment will result in you getting charged for the full price of the services booked. If you show up late for the appointment or missing a guest, you will be charged the full amount of the scheduled service for the exact number of guests you booked. If you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged full price for the scheduled service.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears and their referral areas within zone related areas, which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through application if pressure on those reflexes, the feet being the primary area of application, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Reflexologist say that the body is divided into ten equal vertical zones, five on the right and five on the left. There are also three transverse lines, the upper region of the shoulder girdle, the waistline, and the pelvic floor. Reflexology is proposed by reflexologists as a complementary therapy and should not replace medical treatment

Is there an age limit for your services?

While our services can be enjoyed by clients of all ages, we ask that parents do not bring anyone under the age of 12 to our spas. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by their legal guardian.

What is the right attire?

We encourage our clients to wear comfortable clothes so that they can maximize their relaxation during their session. However, we do have many clients that visit us while wearing business attire and still enjoy the full benefits of reflexology and body massage.

I am pregnant, can I still use your services?

Absolutely! We know how much a nice foot massage can improve your life during pregnancy. Make sure to let the receptionist know how far along you are so that they may inform your therapist.

How often should I visit your spa?

You can enjoy reflexology up to 3 times week.

My Gift Certificate has only one location listed on it, can I use it for other locations?

YES! All of our gift certificates are accepted at all of our locations.

I bought a series online, what do I do now?

You can book an appointment online and choose your series as the method of payment or you can call and book an appointment at any of our locations using your name and phone number. All you need to do after that is show up for your appointment and enjoy your massage, 

Do I receive a physical card in the mail after purchasing a series?

We keep track of the series in our system, so you won't receive anything in mail. You can check the balance over the phone or at any of our locations.

I am ticklish, what should I do if I can't get a foot massage?

We offer body massages as well, please take a look at our menu and select one of our other services.

Do you do group events or parties?

WE LOVE PARTIES! If you want to book an event or party at BAO Foot Spa, please email us at and we would love to help you plan your party.

Do you make house calls?

Unfortunately we don't, but we would love to see you at one of our locations.

Are the services done in private rooms?

No, We do not have private rooms. However, while all services are done in a communal room, our concept provides a great sense of relaxation and privacy for our clients.

Besides the relaxation and the spiritual experience, what are the benefits of getting a foot reflexology:

Reflexology has many benefits such as:

  1. Higher self-esteem and self trust.

  2. Gain wisdom and clarity of mind.

  3. Better overall relationships.

  4. A sense of youthful happiness - reclaiming of the wonderment of life ( childlikeness ). Fun.

  5. Openness to life.

  6. Reduced dependency on alcohol or other drugs or desire to stop altogether and to see what is real and genuine.

  7. At the deeper levels of meditation the blood cleans itself and you can heal the body more easily.

  8. Heal chronic Depressions.

  9. Become kinder to yourself and to others.

  10. Stress reduction. Improved concentration.

  11. More positive thinking.

  12. Grow inner strength.

  13. Reduction in mental chatter, busy mind, monkey mind.

  14. Marked improvement with sleeping and the advantages of good sleep.

  15. An ease of dealing with previously difficult situations. a new formula, new perspective for approaching things.